Seasonal cleanse

Release the stress, brain fog, bloating, clear your skin, get more energy, and loss the extra pounds so you can be on your way to creating the life you desire in 2019.

What to expect:

Type of program: dietary exploration and yoga fitness

Duration: 2 hours

Focus 1: Anti-inflammatory diet and digestive health. 7-days recipes and protocol included.

Focus 2: A 40 mins high-intensity yoga workout to build strength, increase flexibility, condition, define and tone your entire body.

Ditch the deprivation and enjoy healing and nourishing foods that will help you:

  • Wave goodbye to old eating patterns and habits that do not serve your body.
  • Release toxins and make way for better nutrient absorption.
  • Create positive habits that will help your digestion, elevate your mood, clear skin, weight loss and much more.
Plant based seasonal brunch will be served.
CHF130 per person. Private group sessions with friends, minimum 6 people get 15% off.


This workshop is on request, send an email for more information if you are interested: or call 0784042241
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